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Our Patriots' Stories

Isaac Rainey

Patriotic Service: Private, NC
Residence: Orange Co PA
Born: 12 Jan 1763, Orange Co NC
Married: Sarah Malone
Died: 17 Jun 1836, Bedford Co TN
Proven Children: Lemuel, Mary, George Roberts, Mahala


At the age of 18, Isaac enlisted on 20 Jan 1781 and served as a private for
over three months under Capt. William Douglass and Col. William Moore.
He enlisted again two or three weeks later and served over five months
under Capt. John McMullin and Spill Coleman, Cols. William Moore and
Owens. He engaged in the Battle of Guilford Courthouse and skirmishes at
Livingston Swamp and Brown Marsh.
Isaac married Sarah Malone on 6 Mar 1786 in Caswell Co NC. In the
1820s he moved his family west and settled in Bedford Co TN.
Source: *S4545

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